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From construction to landscaping, to all the way to interior finishes, we engage in comprehensive first-class services to better accommodate your construction projects.

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Our expertise covers

Full project management services

Land Preparation

This process includes clearing the land of trees and debris, levelling the ground for building, and moving materials to and from the site.


DLB construction is engaged in all kind of construction projects such a design, build and remodel as per your needs.

Materials procurement

Material procurement is an integral part of construction. It is the process by which the resources needed for construction are carefully chosen, ordered, invoiced, paid for and sent to the site. The procurement team ensures that supplies are provided in accordance with the project programme, specification and budget.


As the finishing touch of a project, landscaping can transform any property into a more exciting one. It refers to the planning, laying out and construction of gardens that enhance the appearance and create useable space for outdoor activities around a home.

Final fixtures and fittings

DLB construction takes into account final fixtures and fittings to complete the construction project such as lights switches, door handles among others.

Depending on the specifications given, we are involved in the construction of a wide range of buildings, which include the following:

  • Building of bungalows,
  • Building of houses,
  • Construction of factories,
  • Any other structural work depending on the client’s need.

We have the ability to construct any structural design provided by the client. With experienced architects in our team, we offer the best structural designs.

With over 30 years of service in the property construction market, DLB Construction always strives to create best-in-class properties in Mauritius. With a wide range of custom-made services, over a hundred professionals and a continuous accompaniment, the company delivered over 800 units and now stands as the most trusted partner in its field. Their portfolio englobes all the services from construction, civil engineering works, renovations, refurbishment to landscaping services of exclusive properties around the island. DLB Construction goal is to provide premium services as well as a constant support to all our customers throughout the construction process of their projects. We help your project come to life through a series of construction works from building construction to refurbishment and renovation.

As one of the renowned construction company in Mauritius, we have conquered the heart of our clients with the quality and long-lasting buildings that we have developed over the years. The ability to understand our client’s needs has led to our success and customer satisfaction remains our priority. We always make sure to meet the expectations of our clients. With efficient project management, we ensure that all our projects follow the specific timeline to be completed in time.

Our experts will take care of all your project necessary contracts and obligations during and after the construction to ensure the smooth running of the process.